Car & Auto Accident Lawyer in Louisville & Shelbyville, KY

to prepare your case and give you the personal attention that you need to get the best settlement possible. If a settlement cannot be reached, i will fight on your behalf in the courtroom.

Auto accidents are often completely life-altering events, resulting in injuries like:

  • Concussions
  • Cuts, bruises & burns
  • Whiplash, which may lead to ongoing neck or back pain
  • Permanent disabling injuries
  • Broken bones & muscle tears

There are virtually an unlimited number of causes of car accidents. Weather and road conditions are a common cause of many car accidents, but many accidents are caused by failure of a driver to keep his attention to the road, and operation of his vehicle.


i will work hard for you to gather and preserve evidence & get you the settlement you deserve for your misfortune.

  • Private vehicle accident
  • Commercial vehicle accident
  • Hit & Run

Even if you are a bystander or a bicyclist that was involved in a accident you are entitled to a claim against the offending party.

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